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Not mentioned on any council or public authority or community websites, only this one, is that potential purchasers of residential Sovereign Harbour property need to know in advance that the annual flood defence and harbour charge payable by them is not levied anywhere else in Britain or Europe or the world. A much wider geographical flood zone area than just Sovereign Harbour is involved, affecting  more than 17,000 homes as far as Bexhill, yet only 3,700 Sovereign Harbour residents (and subsequent owners) must pay the annual cost, nearly 260 in 2018. A recent Member of Parliament has stated publicly this is unfair and unjust. All business services including management companies and property developers are exempted. An additional covenant applies to owners of some South Harbour properties in the water feature precinct. In both cases, they are in addition to local council taxes, insurance, management fees and ground rents. 

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By Keith A. Forbes and his wife Lois Ann Forbes at editor@sovereignharbourgazette.org.uk  Both disabled, they live in Eastbourne and write, administer and webmaster this website. Keith is a member of the UK's The Society of Authors and an activist for the elderly and disabled.

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The purpose of a website is to give your association or business or club or entity or organization a presence on the worldwide web at a price that is  affordable, practical and realistic, as well as being your principal business or organizational face on the world-wide-web. Not having your own website in this day and age puts you and your association or business or organization at a distinct disadvantage.

Websites should be run directly from home or place of business by owners/managers themselves, not via a third party. When they all have their own computers these days anyway it makes no sense and defeats an essential part of the purpose of a website as not just a but the key introductory, communications, business development and functional tool of that particular business or group or organization when administration and management of a website is left by that entity's owner or management by default to a third party who does not have a personal vested interest in that particular business, is not concerned whether it makes a profit or a loss so long as the third party gets a website administration/management fee but who nevertheless effectively control the content of, updates for and links to and from that website. 

So avoid not having a website of your own. Counter competition from one that competes with you in your business dealings. With your own website you can update it in timely fashion in the way you want when you want and hyperlink (link) to others entirely as you wish. Your own uniquely-named website means having your own domain and the ability to express your own unique individuality, to use the website to your best advantage. Once a learning curve is achieved, perhaps with appropriate web-editing software if not already in use and a reasonably decent digital camera to add photographs and scanner, it's simple and quick to keep a website fresh with updates and changes.

Properly naming a website is important. Don't always assume you can name it what you want. This often happens but sometimes the name has already been taken.  The name of your domain will need to be internationally registered (hence "name registration") and a preliminary check must be made to see if that particular name is available or has already been taken. If it and its suffix (for example, ending in co.uk or org or me or biz, etc) has already been taken, there may be a simple work-around, such as merely adding an 01 or 001 to the name.  

If you don't already have a website but would like one, instead consider as your first option the inexpensive service given by organizations such as One.com. In this author's opinion, it offers excellent value for a completely do-it-yourself website with all the basics included. Why spend hundreds of pounds sterling via a third party when for a total of 11.50 including VAT you can have a website for a whole year, with a somewhat higher cost but still very inexpensive yearly renewal.  By going directly to One.com  you'll save . 

If you already have a website, before you even consider changing it, check the date it was last renewed and when it is due to expire, usually a year or two after last renewal and the name of the registrar. You should wait until it is soon going to expire before changing its location and registrar because if you change it beforehand you will not be refunded for the un-expired time.

Best way to control your website, especially when you have lots of photos or graphics and links is not online but offline via a free html WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor easily obtainable online. Make sure it is a WYSIWYG editor. 

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